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Grand Lake Stream ATV Club

With over 84 miles of trails that connect to all state of Maine trails.  

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The Grand Lake Stream ATV Club is a local club of ATV riders and social group which enjoys trail riding in the DownEast Maine region. The Club maintains a local network or trails in the immediate vicinity of the village of Grand Lake Stream, Maine.

Meet the Club's Officers

Deanna Sainati

Email: sainati@yahoo.com
Phone: 847-609-6687

Vice President
Sue LaPlante

Email: susanlaplante1953@gmail.com
Phone: 207-432-5133

Secretary and Webmaster:
Sharon Brunner

Email: sharonbrunner@gmail.com

Phone: 207-796-0807

Carole Minner (May thru September)

Email: caminner@aol.com
Phone: 302-373-1375

Dayle Owen (October thru April)

Email: dayle.owen37@gmail.com
Phone: 207-317-0197

Membership Secretary:
Ken Grant

Email: kengrant207@gmail.com
Phone: 207-522-7059

Trail Masters:
Al LaPlante

Email: allaplante1@gmail.com
Phone: 207-432-5134

Jay Dwelley
Email: dwelley9@msn.com